What does Nystrom's Journal mean?

How do I get into Twilight Sepulcher?

Followers are not able to enter the Twilight Sepulcher, as it is exclusive to Nightingales. However, conjured beings can be summoned while in it. After completing "Darkness Returns," the Dragonborn can return to the Inner Sanctum to change their Nightingale powers.

Can Karliah be a follower?

Karliah is marriable and can be a follower. Compatible with Hearthfire but doesn't require it. ... Then go to Nightingale Hall and speak with Karliah.Dec 19, 2016

Is the Nightingale Armor leveled?

The Nightingale Armor is a unique light armor set that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. ... Because the armor is leveled, the magnitude of the enchantments and value are contingent upon character level.

Is nocturnal a Daedra?

In Skyrim, Nocturnal is one of only four Daedric Princes who interact with the Dragonborn in their true form, rather than through an aspect or shrine. ... Nocturnal is one of only two Daedric Princes without an official Daedric quest in Skyrim, the other being Jyggalag.

image-What does Nystrom's Journal mean?
image-What does Nystrom's Journal mean?

Can I keep the skeleton key?

The Skeleton Key can be used like a regular lockpick and can be kept indefinitely, provided it's never returned to the Twilight Sepulcher, during the mission "Darkness Returns." In addition, the Lockpicking skill will still increase when a lock is opened (removed in patch 1.4, back by 1.9).


What do I do with the eyes of the Falmer?

It can be looted from Mercer Frey's body along with the Right Eye of the Falmer during the quest "Blindsighted" and its only use is to be sold to Delvin Mallory for gold. After it has been sold to Delvin, it will be on a bookshelf near the Thieves Guild vault in The Ragged Flagon - Cistern.


How do you beat the Nightingale Sentinel?

Approach the Nightingale Sentinel (Gallus) and talk to him. After exhausting all inquiries, you'll have the option to search Nystrom's remains nearby for his journal and some other loot. Once done, go through the tunnel behind him and kill the two hostile Nightingale Sentinels.Nov 4, 2016


How do you use the Shadowcloak of nocturnal?

Open menu and go to magic. Select powers and then assign shadow cloak as the power. You then access it with your powers button. It is once a day.Sep 11, 2012


How do you become the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Skyrim?

In order to restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory and assume the title of Guild Master, you must perform small jobs in four holds of Skyrim: Haafingar, the Reach, Whiterun, and Eastmarch. To get an improvement job, talk to Delvin Mallory or Vex; you can have one quest active from each.Apr 5, 2021


How do I use powers in Skyrim?

Your available Greater and Lesser Powers are listed in the magic menu under "Powers". To use a power you must first equip it, which it assigns it to the Dragon Shout/Power button. Each Greater Power can only be used once per game day.Nov 19, 2021

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