What does "identity" mean to you?

Identity is simply defined as the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is. Elements or characteristics of identity would include race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical attributes, personality, political affiliations, religious beliefs, professional identities, and so on.Feb 16, 2017

What is our true identity?

  • Our True Identity. Our true identity is defined not by our past actions but by the Savior’s. Jesus purchased our lives with His blood and brought us into relationship with the Father, who adopted us as His beloved children. We have every reason to hold our heads high, stand firm, and courageously proclaim the gospel.

What makes up your identity?

  • The nurture theory in regard to identity, states that it is your environment that predominately shapes the frame of your personal identity. The way that the adults in your family, in your neighborhood, church and school behave are the reason why you are the way you are, according to the nurture theory.

What makes up our identity?

  • To some people, our identity is made up of a culmination of the above and together it provides us an identity as an individual being. While others may say about identity, is it is an individual reflection of who you want to portray yourself to be at any one time by choice.

image-What does "identity" mean to you?
image-What does "identity" mean to you?
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