What does IBM Watson discovery do?

What is IBM Discovery Service?

IBM® Watson® Discovery Service is the fruit of that labor—a cohesive suite of new, ready-to-use application programming interfaces (API). These APIs allow you to ingest, normalize, enrich, query and analyze your structured and unstructured data.

Is IBM Watson discovery free?

The Lite plan is a great starter plan to trial features at no cost. With 1000 documents, 200 news queries, and 1 custom model, test-drive the service's foundational capabilities. When you upgrade to a paid plan, you'll keep any content you have ingested.Oct 29, 2021

Is Watson Explorer same as Watson discovery?

With IBM Watson Discovery (formerly Watson Explorer), a cognitive exploration and content analysis platform, you can hear your data talking. Explore and analyze unstructured and structured content to uncover trends and patterns that improve decision-making, customer service and ROI.

What is the purpose of an application starter?

A starter kit is an application pattern that can be integrated with services to generate a production-ready asset, which can be deployed directly into a DevOps pipeline and a Kubernetes cluster.

image-What does IBM Watson discovery do?
image-What does IBM Watson discovery do?

What are the main use cases for IBM spectrum discover?

IBM Spectrum Discover is a new metadata management solution that enterprises can use to help manage PB to EB of unstructured data stores. For AI purposes, it essentially provides visibility into file and object metadata needed to identify, understand and select data for DL training.


Which sources of data can you ingest with Discovery tooling?

Like many analytics tools, Discovery can ingest the sales, inventory and other structured data for Blue Snail Style.


How much does Discovery Plus cost?

Discovery Plus is available in the U.S. for $4.99 a month. Subs can shell out $6.99 a month for an ad-free version.Nov 24, 2021


What makes the Watson discovery service attractive to companies?

The service works with structured and unstructured data, leveraging core APIs like AlchemyLanguage and Document Conversion to help users make sense of their data. It also helps to democratize and scale the big data analytics process, making it easier for all employees to learn from data.Dec 16, 2016


What is IBM Watson Explorer?

IBM Watson Explorer is a cognitive exploration solution that combines search and content analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities. This combination help users find and understand the information they need to work more efficiently and make better, more confident decisions.


Which of the following features is available with Watson Discovery out of the box?

The platform's out-of-the-box NLP enrichments include entity extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extractions, category classification, concept tagging, and more.


What type of assets does Watson knowledge catalog let you discover in Watson Studio?

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is a cloud-based enterprise metadata repository that lets you catalog your knowledge and analytics assets, including machine learning models and structured and unstructured data wherever they reside.


What is the format of the document that you can upload to Watson discovery?

* JSON and HTML documents are supported by IBM Watson™ Discovery, but can not be edited using the SDU editor. To change the configuration of HTML and JSON docs, you need to use the API.


What is IBM Watson Discovery and how does it work?

  • IBM Watson™ Discovery is a cognitive search and content analytics engine that you can add to applications to identify patterns, trends and actionable insights to drive better decision-making.


What is IBM eDiscovery manager?

  • IBM® eDiscovery Manager enables authorized IT and legal staff to search, cull, hold and export case-relevant content reducing management costs for electronically stored information (ESI). This comprehensive solution gives you the high performance and rich functionality you need to support complex cases throughout your enterprise.


What is Addi in IBM?

  • IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) is an analytical platform for application modernization. It uses cognitive technologies to analyze mainframe applications and quickly discover and understand interdependencies of changes. Enhance mainframe applications quickly to help drive revenue.

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