What does doctor blade mean?

What is a Demon Blade?

  • Demon Blade. One hell of a blade, the Demon Blade stands out among the UT Swords for it’s signature two-shot, V-shaped firing pattern. While it deals less damage per shot than other swords, its second shot massively increases the overall damage output of the sword, making it one of the highest DPS weapons in the game when both shots hit.

What are the parts of a blade?

  • The essential part of a sword, as opposed to the hilt. The blade is the length of steel that actually does the cutting. The blade of a sword has two parts – the blade proper is the part that is visible, but the steel continues inside the handle and then into the pommel.

What is a techno blade?

  • The Techno-blades are the blades that Kai, Cole,Jay,and Zane must protect and can use to hack into Nindroids, Nindroid's vehicles or anything The Techno-Blades all make use of a "blade" piece, which is exclusive to the Techno-blades, and a golden hilt, which varies in normal use. Each Techno-blade has the blade piece in a different color.

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