What does CO2 Australia do for You?

How does CO2 cleaning work?

  • We utilise recycled pharmaceutical grade CO2 (dry ice) pellets, which implode on impact with the surface of the material to be cleaned and/or sterilised. The kinetic energy causes the pellets to shatter and penetrate the base material, removing contaminates from the surface. The CO2 vapourises as gas, leaving the surface material clean.

Why choose CO2 dry ice cleaning Australia®?

  • CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning Australia® is constantly exploring new industries and new applications for which this process can be applied. There are numerous benefits to be gained by employing our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning.

What happens if there is too much CO2 in a house?

  • High levels of CO2 can displace oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2), potentially causing health problems. How to avoid exposure: Have an HVAC or weatherization contractor measure CO2 levels within your home. If the levels exceed 1,000 ppm, the furnace should be tuned to increase levels of fresh air coming into the building.

image-What does CO2 Australia do for You?
image-What does CO2 Australia do for You?
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