What do you pay per kWh for electricity?

The 20.7 cents per kWh New York area

New York area
The New York metropolitan area, which covers parts of the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. › wiki › Tri-state_area
households paid for electricity in November 2021 was 45.8 percent more than the national average of 14.2 cents per kWh. Last November, electricity prices were 47.8 percent higher in the New York area compared to the nation.Dec 14, 2021

How do you calculate the cost of electricity?

  • Calculate the total lighting cost by multiplying the kilowatt-hours used by the cost per kWh. Continuing the previous example, the price would be 2.4 * .12, or $.29 per day or $8.70 per month. That’s almost $9 per month for five light bulbs. Use our electricity cost calculator to determine the actual cost of electricity usage.

How to calculate the cost of electricity?

  • Assessing Wattage is Not Easy. The first step in this process is getting information regarding how much electricity the various appliances and electronic devices in your home require.
  • Learning How to Calculate Watts Per Day. ...
  • Converting Into Kilowatts. ...
  • Calculating Monthly Usage and Overall Cost. ...

How much electricity does a human use per day?

  • The average human generates around 100 watts in an average day. Depending on the person's activity, weight, and metabolism, a person's power can be slightly higher or lower. A typical American consumes about 2500 kilocalories of energy in a day.

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