What can you do with IBM Quantum Computing?

What's new in the IBM Q Experience?

  • In January 2017, IBM made a number of additions to the IBM Q Experience, including increasing the set of two-qubit interactions available on the five qubit quantum processor, expanding the simulator to custom topologies up to twenty qubits, and allowing users to interact with the device and simulator using quantum assembly language code.

What is IBM Quantum Composer and IBM Quantum lab?

  • The IBM Quantum Composer and the IBM Quantum Lab (previously known collectively as the IBM Quantum Experience) form an online platform allowing public and premium access to cloud-based quantum computing services provided by IBM Quantum.

What is the IBM Quantum Experience beta?

  • The IBM Quantum Experience beta offers its community the opportunity to write and execute code to run on real quantum hardware and graphically compose and optimize quantum circuits, the sets of instructions given to a quantum computer.

image-What can you do with IBM Quantum Computing?
image-What can you do with IBM Quantum Computing?
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