What can you do with ComSoc?

What is ComSoc student competition?

  • IEEE ComSoc Student Competition which recognizes students or teams of students who demonstrate the capacity to improve the lives of people, through the application of communication technology and the development of projects that meet the human needs of people.

What is ComSoc IEEE?

  • IEEE Communications Society. We are ComSoc, the IEEE Communications Society. We proudly represent a global network of engineers, practitioners and academics—27,000+ members strong, spanning the globe in 140 countries—contributing our talents to the continual innovation of technology in communication.

What is ComSoc CVS?

  • ComSoc CVS was founded by a young group of dynamic and enthusiastic students of B.Com (H) in 2018. Being a Commerce Society, it aims to achieve the goal of imparting insights, practical knowledge, and experience to students of Commerce background and build teamwork and leadership skills among the onlookers.

image-What can you do with ComSoc?
image-What can you do with ComSoc?
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