What are your personal goals as a developer?

What are the theories of Career Development?

  • Super’s (1990) theory of career development is a “loosely unified set of theories dealing with specific aspects of career development, taken from developmental, differential, social, personality, and phenomenological psychology and held together by self-concept and learning theory” (p. 199).

What are the phases of Career Development?

  • Children and youth progress through a career development process as they mature. It consists of four stages: Career Awareness, Career Exploration, Career Preparation, and Career Placement. Adults also continue to grow and develop in their careers as they age, albeit at a slower rate than children.

What is the purpose of Career Development?

  • Career development is an organized approach used to match employee goals with the business needs of the agency in support of workforce development initiatives. In this process: The purpose of career development is to: Enhance each employee's current job performance.

image-What are your personal goals as a developer?
image-What are your personal goals as a developer?
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