What are the security challenges of 5G?

What is 5G and how does it work?

  • 5G will provide broadband access everywhere, entertain higher user mobility, and enable connectivity of massive number of devices (e.g. Internet of Things (IoT)) in an ultrareliable and affordable way.

What are the threats to the security of a network?

  • Other threats like intrusion attacks where adversaries constitutes substantial threats to the system [10]. programmability in communication networks. These two dis- and hacking the network. For example, the centralized control

What is SDN and NFV in 5G?

  • SDN and NFV, com- PPP. Network slicing, leveraging NFV and SDN, enables the broadband, and critical communication [1]. A generic 5G in Fig. 1. Fig. 1: 5G deployment scenarios and key technologies. and users. For example, multi-tenant shared cloud infras- different operators [2].

image-What are the security challenges of 5G?
image-What are the security challenges of 5G?
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