What are the different types of aircraft?

What is the aircraft type designator used for?

  • This designator is used in air traffic service automation systems that exchange data. The aircraft type designator is primarily used in flight plans and air traffic service messages but may be used in other matters when needed. Appendix A of this order contains an alphabetized list of aircraft type designators.

What does classification mean in aviation?

  • Aircraft Classification. The term “classification,” as used with respect to the certification of aircraft, means a broad grouping of aircraft having similar characteristics of propulsion, flight, or landing, that is, airplane, rotorcraft, glider, or balloon.

What does it mean when an aircraft is certified by the FAA?

  • Certification of aircraft by the FAA ensures that commercial and general aviation aircraft meet the highest safety standards, from initial design to retirement. This page outlines the aircraft certification processes, lists important aircraft safety information, and provides guidance on general aviation aircraft. Registration & Certification.

image-What are the different types of aircraft?
image-What are the different types of aircraft?
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