What are the best tools for blended learning?

How Edmodo is useful for blended learning?

  • Edmodo is among very useful tool for blended learning. It can be used to framework assignments and resources for the classroom. Teachers can make post for their student just like on Facebook. Educators can organise students into groups at Edmodo. They can ask students to join the group. Teachers can give feedback and badges to their students.

What is blended learning and how does it work?

  • Blended learning is an educational process that mixes a virtual program with traditional face-to-face time in a classroom. In most cases, blended learning includes virtual learning as well, in which some parts of a traditional classroom is physically inaccessible—be that the teacher or instructor, the students, or even the classroom itself.

What is the best online learning platform for teachers?

  • Kahoot is a great platform to make learning with fun. Otus is the latest and advanced free blended learning tool designed for the iPad that lets teachers to blend learning. Teachers can manage as well as track student progress, take attendance and notes and grade students.

image-What are the best tools for blended learning?
image-What are the best tools for blended learning?
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