What are the best metal detector brands?

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What companies make metal detectors?

  • Tesoro Electronics, the makers of Tesoro Metal Detectors, is an Arizona based company operating since 1980. Through the experience of the founder, Jack Gifford , the company quickly became well known for their production of high quality metal detectors. Until today, Tesoro Electronics Inc. remains a family owned business.

What is the cheapest metal detector?

  • In my opinion Fisher F22 Metal Detector is the best and cheapest metal detector. The new F22 was released in 2015 and has several enhancements over the F2 including:

What is the best hand held metal detector?

  • The Garrett Pro-pointer is considered as the best handheld metal detector and it can be used in any setting. The flashlight in it will help one search for items in areas with low light and the design is waterproof and sturdy.

image-What are the best metal detector brands?
image-What are the best metal detector brands?
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