What are the alternatives to organic cotton?

Can algae replace cotton as an alternative fibre?

  • Brown algae, which are harvested in the fjords of Iceland, serve as a raw ­material for alternative fibres that may someday ­replace cotton. Despite its natural image, the conventional cultivation of cotton has serious impacts on people and the environment.

How much less energy does cotton use than other fibres?

  • It uses 91 % less land and groundwater and 62 % less energy. However, the problem of immense water consumption persists, and competition for arable land is becoming ever tougher. The rising demand for cotton is also creating a growing market for alternatives such as cellulose fibres.

Can recycled fibres replace cotton in clothing?

  • However, there are no suitable or sufficiently practical production methods in place so far to produce recycled fibres that might replace cotton for mass markets. Marina Chahboune is a corporate-responsibility manager at Hessnatur, a German manufacturer of natural textiles.

image-What are the alternatives to organic cotton?
image-What are the alternatives to organic cotton?
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