What are some major cities in the taiga?

What Mountains are in the taiga?

  • Ulaan Taiga (Mongolian: Улаан Тайга, lit. "red taiga") is a mountain range in north-western Khövsgöl, Mongolia, between the Darkhad Valley and Mongolia's border with Tuva , Russia. The range covers parts of the Ulaan-Uul, Tsagaannuur and Bayanzürkh sums. Notable peaks include Mt. Lam Taiga (2619m) and Mt. Belchir (3351m).

How much taiga is on the Earth?

  • Russian for "marshy pine forest," the Taiga covers about 50 million acres or 17% of the Earth's total land, which makes it the planet's largest biome. Also called boreal forests, the Taiga is divided into northern, central, and southern regions.

What are geographical features in the taiga?

  • The taiga is the forest in the extreme north,bumping up to the edge of the Arctic Circle.
  • If it was any further north,the trees would not survive there.
  • The taiga is right below the tundra biome.
  • In terms of total land area,the taiga biggest biome on Earth.

image-What are some major cities in the taiga?
image-What are some major cities in the taiga?
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