What are smartsmart shades and blinds?

What are the best self-installed smart shades?

  • Lutron’s Serena Shades are the best self-install smart shades we tested. They’re easy to install yourself, simple to set up, battery-powered, and custom-made to fit your windows.

What is a smart home window?

  • Welcome to our gallery focusing on another important facet of modern home design: smart home windows. Smart home technology serves to make our houses more comfortable, convenient, and safe places to live. When the technology comes to windows, our visual portals to the world outside, truly innovative things happen.

How does the Smart Shades 2 work?

  • SOMA Smart Shades 2 can automatically lower or raise window shades according to light conditions Smart Shades is compatible with any shade or blind that has a beaded chain or cord loop. Looking to automate venetian blinds?

image-What are smartsmart shades and blinds?
image-What are smartsmart shades and blinds?
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