What are explosives magazines?

Who makes magazines for explosive and ammunition storage?

  • U.S. Chemical Storage manufactures and supplies magazines for explosive and ammunition storage. All magazines meet ATF 27 CFR, Part 555.208 and DoD 5100.

How much explosives can be stored in an indoor magazine?

  • ATF regulations allow storage of up to 50 lbs of explosives in a fire resistant type 2 indoor magazine. All the strength and security of our full size magazines is also built into our indoor magazines, which provide flexibility, security and safety for Type 2 storage of explosives.

What type of magazines does idideal blasting sell?

  • Ideal Blasting sells Type 2, Type 3 & Type 4 Explosive Storage Magazines. All our type 2 magazines will meet or exceed current ATF specs and regulations. All measurements are Length x Width x Height. Pictures shown may vary from finished product or include options such as shelves, colors, casters, locks, ground kits, signs, lighting, and more.

image-What are explosives magazines?
image-What are explosives magazines?
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