What are different aspects?

These aspects are the conjunction (0°), sextile (60°), square (90°), trine (120°), and opposition (180°).

What does in every aspect mean?

  • Aspect(noun) the situation of planets or stars with respect to one another, or the angle formed by the rays of light proceeding from them and meeting at the eye; the joint look of planets or stars upon each other or upon the earth. Aspect(noun) the influence of the stars for good or evil; as, an ill aspect.

What does aspects mean?

  • Aspect (noun) the act of looking; vision; gaze; glance Etymology:[L. ...
  • Aspect (noun) look,or particular appearance of the face; countenance; mien; air Etymology:[L. ...
  • Aspect (noun) appearance to the eye or the mind; look; view Etymology:[L. ...

What is an example of aspect?

  • Aspect is defined as a way to regard a part of an idea or problem. The cost of materials is an example of an aspect of a building project.

image-What are different aspects?
image-What are different aspects?
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