Should you use jetpack on your WordPress website?

Does jetpack slow down a WordPress website?

  • Once and for all: Jetpack doesn't slow down your WordPress website! You may or may not like Jetpack, but one thing is for sure - it's not a bandwidth hog for WordPress, nor does it negatively affect site performance. Considering that for a plugin it packs a lot of power, it's code is pretty streamlined.

Where can you get a jetpack?

  • In order to obtain the Jetpack, a player should first obtain the Boss Keycard and do as follows; On the right side of the Airport (in the main building) there is a white door with a keycard reader. Interacting with it while having the Boss Keycard will open the door. The vault will open, and inside is the Jetpack.

What is jetpack, and do I really need it?

  • Image CDN: Jetpack allows you to offload your images to their servers so that your site loads faster.
  • Site Statistics: Jetpack monitors traffic to your site and gives you statistics to help you see which posts are popular
  • Related Posts: You can offload the complex processing of finding related posts to their servers

image-Should you use jetpack on your WordPress website?
image-Should you use jetpack on your WordPress website?
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