Should I buy a Walkman TPS-L2?

Why is The TPS-L2 so important?

  • It's the first Walkman ever made and the first product I'm showcasing that's older than myself. This was the first time music became truly portable making it historically more significant than even the iPod. The TPS-L2 has become a collector's favorite so expect to pay a premium for one in good condition.

What is a personal Walkman® stereo?

  • The first personal Walkman® Stereo, the TPS-L2, was a huge success, despite naysayers proclaiming that without a recording function, it would never take off. This portable music player changed the lifestyles of many people who could now listen to music wherever they wanted.

Why did Sony make The TPS-L2 in blue?

  • In an attempt to attract younger buyers, Sony anodized the TPS-L2 in blue. It isn’t all that attractive and makes the device feel a bit toy-like. It’s no surprise that Sony made subsequent Walkmans in more serious silver and grey tones. What often gets forgotten in history are the MDR-3L2 - the headphones that came with the Walkman.

image-Should I buy a Walkman TPS-L2?
image-Should I buy a Walkman TPS-L2?
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