Is virtual reality the future of Medicine?

What is virtual reality technology and how does it work?

  • Instead, virtual reality technology allows the user to feel as if they are directly in the environment projected to them through the headset. This technology was initially designed to create a gaming experience like no other. However, the implications virtual reality has on our lives expands far beyond leisure.

How long has virtual reality been around?

  • With the current hype surrounding virtual reality, it is easy to assume that this is a recent technology. Contrary to popular belief, the term “virtual reality” was coined back in 1987 by computer scientist Jaron Lanier and has been an active topic of research for 70 years (VRS, 2016).

Can virtual reality be used to treat phobias?

  • Virtual reality technology is already at a level that allows it to treat phobias by exposure therapy, though it is not yet a popular treatment method. Exposure therapy, according to the National Center of PTSD, is a form of therapy where the patient is repeatedly exposed to a frightening or stressful scenario.

image-Is virtual reality the future of Medicine?
image-Is virtual reality the future of Medicine?
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