Is Under Armour good for the environment?

What is Under Armour's commitment to Baltimore?

  • Under Armour’s commitment to Baltimore is not to provide manufacturing jobs to the large number of poor residents in the city. It is to build the brand by developing a park that offers shopping and apartments to people who can afford these things.

What is the moral character of Under Armour?

  • In a recent interview, he has strongly affirmed the company’s moral character ( ). Under Armour is a 5 billion a year company that provides a huge number of jobs overseas.

Who is the CEO of Under Armour?

  • Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour sportswear, in his office in Baltimore, Maryland on October 1, 2009. Under Armour is the subject of federal investigations by the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission over its accounting practices, the company confirmed Sunday.

image-Is Under Armour good for the environment?
image-Is Under Armour good for the environment?
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