Is there a word called educative?

How do you use educative in a sentence?

Educative sentence example

The dramatic work of Livius was mainly of educative value. It is very educative to spend some time with Vol. The Wesleyans have a high school, a theological college, and other educative agencies.

What is the synonym of educational?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for educational, like: collegiate, learning, scholastic, school, edifying, enlightening, pedagogical, educative, enriching, cultural and informative.

What is the adjective of educative?

educative. Serving to educate; educational.

Is it educational or educative?

The difference is that “educational” refers in a broad way to all things relating to or useful for education, whereas “educative” describes a small subset of those things that are effective in providing education. It's a somewhat torturous distinction. When in doubt, you should avoid using “educative.”

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What is the difference between educating and educative?

As adjectives the difference between educational and educative. is that educational is of, or relating to education while educative is serving to educate; educational.


Is educative free?

Educative has partnered with GitHub Education to be part of their Student Developer Pack! If you are a student, you can sign up with GitHub and receive 6 months of free access to 60+ intro and advanced developer courses on Educative. ... Students of all levels can learn at no cost on our educational platform.Oct 30, 2019


Does educative provide certificates?

Our most requested feature of the year is finally here: Completion Certificates! Now, once you complete an Educative course and qualify, you can now get an official certificate. ... It's quite easy to claim your Educative certificate, and they are provided for almost all of our courses.Sep 21, 2020


What is the sentence of Carol?

1. The carol has a primitive strength and haunting simplicity. 2. She used to carol cheerfully every morning.Feb 20, 2017


Is education and knowledge the same?

The primary difference between the two is that education is formal process whereas knowledge is informal experience. Education is acquired through the formal institutions like school, colleges and universities, whereas knowledge is gained from the real life experiences.Aug 22, 2017


What is education antonym?

Opposite of a body of knowledge acquired while being educated. ignorance. uneducation. benightedness. uneducatedness.


What are the two main elements of educative process?

The components of the educative process are the learners, teacher and the subject matter. The subject matter is what is to be learned, the way it is to be learned and the setting in which is to be learned.


Is educative an adverb?

In a manner that is educative.


What is the meaning of doctrinally?

Definition of doctrinal

: of, relating to, or preoccupied with doctrine. Other Words from doctrinal Example Sentences Learn More About doctrinal.

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