Is an EBSCOhost account free?

What is the link on EBSCO Support site to its email support?

Comprehensive Support & Training Website

Access the Support & Training Site now at

How much does an EBSCO account cost?

$299.00 Public Libraries - Each Branch NA Public Libraries - Unlimited site licensing based on "per library per year" pricing. Unlimited site licensing offers unlimited usage within the site and remote access on an annual subscription.

What is the difference between EBSCO and Cinahl?

EBSCO databases support all learning types through textual and visual subject browse and information literacy training through subject access points in more than 30 languages. Watch video to learn more. CINAHL Complete includes 3,604 active indexed and abstracted journals. 3,112 of them are peer-reviewed.

Do you have to pay for EBSCO?

EBSCO provides free research databases covering a variety of subjects for students, researchers and librarians. ... It is a free database with records for more than 1.4 million electronic theses and dissertations from more than 320 universities around the world.

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image-Is an EBSCOhost account free?

What is EBSCOhost used for?

EBSCOhost is an intuitive online research platform used by thousands of institutions and millions of users worldwide. With quality databases and search features, EBSCOhost helps researchers of all kinds find the information they need fast.


What is EBSCO training?

Online Training with EBSCO Academy

Online courses provide training and demonstration for users and administrators on a variety of EBSCO products and interfaces. Options include short, recorded videos, eLearning pathways that allow you to customize your training and live, instructor-led classes.
Nov 3, 2020


What is EBSCO Ipswich?

EBSCO Information Services, headquartered in Ipswich, Massachusetts, is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., a private company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. ... In 2010, EBSCO introduced its EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) to institutions, which allows searches of a portfolio of journals and magazines.


Are EBSCO databases down?

Current EBSCO status is up.


Is EBSCO a good company to work for?

Overall, the employees at EBSCO Information Services are generally happy, based on their aggregated ratings of future outlook, customer perception, and their excitement going to work.


How do I sign up for a personal EBSCO account?

  • Click the Sign In in the top toolbar of the EBSCO host/EDS screen.
  • From the Sign In Screen,click the Sign up link.
  • The Create Account Screen appears. ...
  • Check the box to consent to EBSCO's Personal Data Retention and Usage policy. ...
  • When you have completed filling out your information,click Create Account.


How do I set up an EBSCO account?

  • Sign in to an EBSCO database using your MyWalden user name and password.
  • Locate and click on Sign In.
  • Locate and click on Create One Now.
  • Fill in the fields to create your account.


How do I log on as an administrator?

  • Type "CMD" inside the search box. Right-click on the "Command Prompt" icon and select "Run as Administrator.". Type the following in the "Command Prompt" window: "net user administrator /active:yes" (without quotations). Press "Enter.". Restart your PC and log in as an administrator.


What is EBSCOhost database?

  • EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system accessible via the Internet. It offers a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers.

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