Is a goldsmith of words a real book?

Who is Amadeu de Prado?

Amadeu de Prado is a doctor during the Salazar Dictatorship (1928-1974). He has an expressed interest in literature and begins questioning his world, his experiences and the words contained in conversation and written thought. His life and thoughts are strongly influenced by living under an oppressive regime.

What happens at the end of Night Train to Lisbon?

Mariana accompanies him to the railway station and, at the last moment, suggests that he could instead stay in Lisbon. The film ends with Raimund looking at Mariana with the train about to pull out of the station, leaving Raimund with time to leave or stay.

What is the book in Night Train to Lisbon?

("There were the people who read and there were the others," Gregorius feels and whenever he needs to address a problem he seeks out a book.) He discovers a privately-printed book, meditations on life in the vein of Montaigne, by Amadeu de Prado, a Lisbon physician.

Who wrote Night Train to Lisbon?

'Night Train to Lisbon' by Pascal Mercier. Then one day, an incredible thing happens: Gregorius meets a woman on his way to work at school.Oct 8, 2018

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Where was Lisbon Night Train filmed?

Filming has begun, in Bern, Switzerland, on Jeremy's latest film Night Train to Lisbon. Jeremy plays Raimund Gregorius, the main character from the novel by Pascal Mercier.Mar 11, 2012


Why is it called the Carnation Revolution?

The carnation revolution got its name from the fact that almost no shots were fired and from restaurant worker Celeste Caeiro offering carnations to the soldiers when the population took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship, with other demonstrators following suit and carnations placed in the muzzles ...


Who killed Humberto Delgado?

Casimiro Monteiro, a PIDE agent, shot and killed General Delgado, and strangled his secretary de Campos (Monteiro was also involved in the killing of Eduardo Mondlane, founder of Frelimo, Mozambique's Liberation Movement).


When did Portuguese dictatorship end?

On 25 April 1974, the Carnation Revolution in Lisbon, a military coup organized by left-wing Portuguese military officers – the Armed Forces Movement (MFA) – overthrew the Estado Novo regime.

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