How to organize magazines in your home?

How to organize your gift wrapping accessories?

  • A simple solution is a wall mounted magazine holder! You can easily mount this in a closet or utility room to store all your gift wrapping accessories! Typically when you have gift bags you also have bows! Check out how Jen uses magazine holders to organizes her bows and tissue paper!

What can I do with a magazine holder?

  • A magazine holder is the perfect height to store foil, cling wrap, etc. You can mount them to a cabinet door or store on a shelf in your pantry! I don’t know about you but my spice packets seem to disappear in a drawer.

How many magazines can you fit in a file holder?

  • You can fit 8-12 magazines in a standard file holder, depending on the thickness of your copies. For example, if you have many craft magazines and you want to organize them thematically, put all your craft magazines in the same holder.

image-How to organize magazines in your home?
image-How to organize magazines in your home?
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