How to design better data visualizations?

What are the features of a visualization?

  • Embeddability: Big data is used to drive real business insights. ...
  • Actionability: Tools for visualization must deliver practical value via useful predictions and prescriptions. ...
  • Performance: If visualization tools for big data distract workers from the flow of their work,they're less likely to be used. ...

What are the different types of visualization?

  • There are two basic types of visualization techniques: Internalizing - visualization pictures in our mind's eye. Externalizing - visualization pictures outside of us with our eye's open.

  • Everyone is looking to be more strategic by using data to inform business decisions. This is an area designers can no longer afford to ignore. Data visualization is the next design challenge.

image-How to design better data visualizations?
image-How to design better data visualizations?
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