How old is Thomas Candiotti?

What team did Tom Candiotti pitch for?

  • Tom Candiotti. Thomas Caesar Candiotti (born August 31, 1957) is a former right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball who was known for his knuckleball. He played for the Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Who is Alex Candiotti?

  • Candiotti is a graduate of Queen of All Saints Catholic School in Concord, California, Concord High School, and an alumnus of Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga, California. Candiotti pitched for the Saint Mary's baseball team for four years.

Is Ben Candiotti in the Hall of Fame?

  • He was inducted into the International Bowling Museum's Hall of Fame on June 27, 2007. Candiotti's marriage to his first wife ended in divorce in 1992, he later remarried. Candiotti's son, Casey, is also a baseball player. ^ Enos, Ben (March 4, 2012).

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