How does the FM modulator work?

What kind of oscillator is used in FM modulator circuit?

  • The FM modulator circuit (frequency modulation) is built with a Motorola MC1648P oscillator. Two varactors, Motorola MV-209 are used to frequency modulate the oscillator.

How does a frequency modulated radio signal work?

  • To generate a frequency modulated signal, the frequency of the radio carrier is changed in line with the amplitude of the incoming audio signal. When the audio signal is modulated onto the radio frequency carrier, the new radio frequency signal moves up and down in frequency.

How do FM transmitters work?

  • FM Transmitters transmit the frequencies wirelessly and FM Modulators transmit the frequencies via a hard wired connection into the aerial. The Australian Radio Frequency Spectrum is congested. In a perfect world, one would simply find a clear channel space in the area, keep tuned to that frequency, and voila! beautiful music from your MP3 player.

image-How does the FM modulator work?
image-How does the FM modulator work?
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