How does segment work?

What is a segment workspace and how does it work?

  • Your Segment Workspace is where you set up and manage sources and destinations, manage the schema of the data your interfaces send, and test and monitor that data for errors. A Workspace is a collection of Segment sources, destinations, and their configurations, that are administered and billed together.

What is the segment platform?

  • The first two parts of the Segment platform are the Segment Spec methods, which are how you collect interaction data from your interfaces, and the Segment Sources, which you package with your interfaces to collect and route that data. Once you’ve collected your interaction data, there are several different things you can do with it:

What is a segment library?

  • In the simplest form, the Segment libraries (“ Sources ”) generate messages about what’s happening in your site or app, and send them to the Segment servers. Segment then translates the content of those messages into different formats for use by other tools (which we call ‘ Destinations ’), and sends the translated messages to those tools.

image-How does segment work?
image-How does segment work?
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