How does eyeeye contact work?

Do you need to look at the Webcam when using eye contact?

  • So there's no need to remember to look at the webcam instead of the person on your screen, which no one ever does as it's simply not natural. The one drawback of Eye Contact, at least for now, is the fact it's limited to only working on the Surface Pro X.

What kind of webcam do I need for eye tracking?

  • You can use any ordinary webcam for eye-tracking. The best thing about this software is that, it lets you calibrate cursor movement according to pupil size. You can set pupil according to male, female, or children.

Are there any free eye tracking softwares?

  • Many of the free eye tracking softwares above is that they only incorporate data from webcams and provide limited data analysis capabilities. This of course promises more accessibility to the user, yet will not be able to deliver the same level of accuracy as infrared eye trackers.

image-How does eyeeye contact work?
image-How does eyeeye contact work?
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