How do you use one of Which?

Can you say one of Which?

Senior Member. In your example, "one of which" would be wrong because the referent is one of his sons. "One of whom" is correct.Nov 28, 2012

Can you start a sentence with one of Which?

The phrase “of which” can only appear at the beginning of a relative clause, a special type of clause that is used to further explain another part of the sentence in which it appears. What is this? When using “of which” to begin a relative clause, first you must place a comma after the noun.Dec 19, 2020

Are one of them or is one of them?

The word “one” is the subject of the verb, the “of them” bit is an adjectival clause (it qualifies the “one”). And “one” is third-person singular. So it's “is”. Trick question it could be could be either way.

Is it of which or in which?

"In which" is a combination of a preposition "in" and a relative pronoun, "which." You can use "in which" as a precise way to introduce a relative clause after a noun that refers to a place or to a time.Feb 25, 2019

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Where do you use which?

In a defining clause, use that. In non-defining clauses, use which. Remember, which is as disposable as a sandwich bag. If you can remove the clause without destroying the meaning of the sentence, the clause is nonessential and you can use which.


What does each of which mean?

each = every individual example. of which= of a different thing.Aug 2, 2012


How do you use two of which?

There are around 10 in the UK; two of which are at the Grange. She now has over eighty photographs in her collection, all but two of which are anonymous. Each contains scores of stripes, no two of which are exactly the same hue. He owns 135 Okinawan fabrics, two of which are in the show.


Is one of the best grammatically correct?

Yes. If more than one of the group who are described as the best or the tallest are of exactly the same qualities (goodness, height, etc.), then to say "one of the best" or "one of the tallest," etc., would be correct.


Do you put a comma after one of Which?

Main Takeaways: Place a comma before which when which precedes a nonrestrictive clause. A nonrestrictive clause is a phrase that adds non-essential information to a sentence without changing the overall meaning. Don't place a comma before which when which is part of a prepositional phrase.Apr 5, 2021


Do you need a comma before of Which?

Use a comma before which when it introduces a nonrestrictive phrase. Don't use a comma before which when it's part of a prepositional phrase, such as “in which.” Don't use a comma before which when it introduces an indirect question.


Are one of the OR is one of the?

The phrase 'one of the' is used to describe something/someone from the same group. This means we are talking about all the birds on the three but then when you want to be specific about the red bird, you use one of the. He is one of the soldiers who fights for their country - is correct.Jan 18, 2014


Which one of these is or are?

English-U.S. One is singular; it takes a singular verb. So you know that "one are" could not possibly be correct. (It doesn't matter that the phrase "of these" is included.)Jun 26, 2013


Is or are one of the?

One of . . . is or are? One as the subject of a sentence is singular, even when followed by a plural pronoun like them or us. Use singular verbs like is and has. One of them has/have the secret formula.Dec 21, 2020


What is the synonym of one of?

  • Synonyms for one of include of, among, amongst, part of, some of, one out of, an amount of, included in, in the class of and in the company of. Find more similar words at!


What is the difference between whose and of which?

  • We can use “of which” instead of “whose” for the objects but “of which” is used in non-defining relative clauses. This is the machine. I described its properties. This is the machine whose properties I described. This is the machine, the properties of which I described.


What is ONEOF (one)?

  • OneOf | The joy of collecting music. Built on the Tezos blockchain, minting an NFT on OneOf uses over 2 million times less energy than platforms on the Ethereum Network.


Why do we use of which and of whom?

  • To give additional information about entities or people we use of which or of whom along with a group of other words. 1. We can use a non-defining relative clause with "of which" and "of whom" after quantifiers:

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