How do you extract uranium from uranium ore?

When was the first uranium solvent extraction unit installed?

  • In September of 1956 the installation of a continuous uranium solvent extraction unit was completed to treat 50% of the pregnant solution produced in the raw leach section. The results obtained in this installation were extremely gratifying and prompted immediately embarking on a course of research to adapt the process to the recovery of vanadium.

Could seawater extract uranium from the Earth to power nuclear power?

  • As the world shifts from fossil fuels, a new way of extracting uranium from seawater could help countries without uranium mines harness nuclear power in our energy future. “We have a lot of work to do still but these are big steps toward practicality." | Image credit: Stephen Crowley

What is the chemistry of uranium mining?

  • The raw material, which is U3O8, must also be analyzed with a beta-gamma detecting instruments to ensure proper levels of uranium content. [2,4] Most of the chemistry of the uranium mining process occurs after the ore has been isolated.

image-How do you extract uranium from uranium ore?
image-How do you extract uranium from uranium ore?
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