How do I see mutual matches?

Is mutual a hookup app?

Mutual is the largest and fastest growing dating app for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon)! Mutual is a place where single members of the Church can make meaningful connections that lead to real dating.

How do I see mutual matches?

To view matches just simply tap the conversation bubbles icon on the bottom menu in the middle. Messages: After tapping the conversation bubbles icon on the bottom menu you'll be taken to the messaging section of the app. The top row contains all of your current matches that you have yet to message.Oct 27, 2021

Is mutual app safe?

The Mutual team is committed to upholding the standards of our faith, and making Mutual a genuine and safe place you can trust. All profiles get reviewed before entering our community. Users are encouraged to verify their profiles before meeting in person to ensure they are who they claim to be.Nov 21, 2021

Who owns mutual dating?

Cooper Boice - Founder - Mutual - LDS Dating | LinkedIn.

image-How do I see mutual matches?
image-How do I see mutual matches?

Can you block someone on mutual?

Any time you're looking at a profile, you can tap on the screen to see more info, scroll to the bottom, and tap on the 'Report or Block User' button.


How Long Does mutual take to verify?

(You will choose one of the pre-approved poses, and submit a photo in that pose.) Our team will then review the photo and verify your account. On average this takes about 48 hours.Jun 22, 2020


What is the red heart on match?

Your other Recommended profiles might not follow all of those preferences, but they could still be a great match for you! Click the Heart icon to send them a Like, or click the "X" icon to see your next recommendation.


What does a blue heart mean on match?

Heart - This indicates you are saying "Yes", or "Liking" their profile. You can also swipe right to indicate this. X - This indicates a "No". You can also swipe left for the same action. Star - This is a Super Swipe.


What is mutual friend?

Meaning of mutual friend in English

a person who is the friend of two people who may or may not know each other: Lynn and Phil met through a mutual friend. Friends, acquaintances & contemporaries. a friend in need is a friend indeed idiom.
Nov 24, 2021

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