How do I monitor performance on MongoDB?

What is the use of Ops Manager in MongoDB?

  • MongoDB Ops Manager is an on-premise solution available in MongoDB Enterprise Advanced that monitors running MongoDB deployments to collect data and provide visualization and alerts based on that data. Each strategy can help answer different questions and is useful in different contexts.

What is the third strategy in MongoDB monitoring?

  • The third strategy is used to provide monitoring to collect the data from the running MongoDB deployments. It is also providing visualization of the current health of the database server and alert of the database server.

How to collect data of running MongoDB instance?

  • In MongoDB, we have basically using three methods to collect the data of running MongoDB instance. First, we have used a set of MongoDB utilities that provided the real-time monitoring and reporting of the database server. MongoDB utilities are essential and useful to provide real-time reports of the database servers.

image-How do I monitor performance on MongoDB?
image-How do I monitor performance on MongoDB?
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