Are there any endemic species in China?

Why is biodiversity important in China?

  • As one of seventeen mega-biodiversity countries in the world, China harbors nearly 10% of all plant species and 14% of animals on earth. Biodiversity not only helps maintain the productivity of the ecosystem, but also supports food security, helps humans adapt to the climate change, and provides important resources for medicine more

What are the main ecosystems in China?

  • The main ecosystems in China include territorial ecosystems, such as forest, shrub, meadow, steppe, desert, wetland; and major marine ecosystems such as the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, South China Sea and Kuroshio Basin. China has known 34,984 higher plants, ranking the third in the world.

Why is the Yangtze basin important for Biodiversity?

  • For centuries the wetlands of Yangtze Basin have provided nesting, staging and migratory habitat for wildfowl along the East Asia Pacific flyway and for species residing in this area. more Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in China is a significant store of biodiversity with diverse landscapes and a rich ecosystem.

image-Are there any endemic species in China?
image-Are there any endemic species in China?
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